NaNoWriMo: 1. Getting Started

As I watch my cat start to prowl around his bowl for his bedtime snack, I’m pleased with what I have achieved for my first day of National Novel Writing Month. It’s not quite as much as I wanted (there were a few character ends I wanted to tie up), but it is enough for day one.

I’ve attempted this challenge a couple of times back in university, and reached the halfway point, but no further. This year I have an (almost) fully outlined novel idea and I feel determined to make some headway with a project for 2020.

Limitations are my key focus this month as we enter Lockdown number two. Some days I will not hit my target, and as long as I write one line, I will be pleased. By accepting that I have limitations, and pinpointing what they are, I’m hoping that I won’t throw myself any curve balls. I’ve set staggered word counts which change depending on the day. I know days I work from home are harder to wind down from, so the word count is lower than say the weekends.

I’d like to say that the Lockdown is handy because I wont be distracted with an evening in the pub’s beer garden, but instead I’m sure I’ll find something else to side track me. Sometimes we need distractions and a little air from creativity and life admin. Again – accepting the limitations of my attention span is helping me to be kinder to myself, and ultimately being able to move on from times when you feel you have let yourself down, gives you the mental space and time to just crack on with it!

That’s the theory at least ….


Published by Heddwen Bethan

I have a Masters in English literature and Creative Writing and work as an arts administrator in Birmingham. I spend my free time cooking, talking about nothing in particular, and writing.

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