NaNoWriMo: 29. She Thinks It’s All Over

The past month has scooted by and to my surprise, I have hit my final word count and completed National Novel Writing Month a little early. It snuck up on me, if I’m honest.

I’ve been updating the official websites count, but my main focus was on my own little graph, where I thought I had fallen behind. I was counting in increments of 1000, so if I wrote 1500 words, I only counted it on the graph as a thousand. Apparently, these little lost numbers have added up and rather satisfyingly paid off in an early finish.

I know my cat will be happy this month is over. It has been satisfying and working to a deadline has been really helpful in pushing through those days where I really didn’t want to write, but it has been my priority and I’m looking forward to having a little more free time for myself, Glen and Merfyn.

What I have learnt from this month is that those ten minutes here and there are worth it. They add up and I’m now, magically, near the end of my first draft. Yes, I’m going to have to go back and rework plot points and swap scenes around, but fiddling is going to be easier to do when I know the overall shape of the story. In an effort to take advantage of my momentum, over the next week I’m intending to write a couple hundred words a day. Lets see how it goes….

Wordcount: 50,020

Published by Heddwen Bethan

I have a Masters in English literature and Creative Writing and work as an arts administrator in Birmingham. I spend my free time cooking, talking about nothing in particular, and writing.

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