Happy Birthday: Spaghetti Junction, 50 today

On the 24th May 1972 Spaghetti Junction officially opened after 4 years of construction and over £9mill spent. The wiggly roads are laid out across 5 levels, serves 18 routes, spans 30 acres, and in the most appropriate Brummie way, it crosses a canal. 50 years later, I’m taking time to reflect on why thisContinue reading “Happy Birthday: Spaghetti Junction, 50 today”

Light Journal Questions

As I discussed in a previous post, I had never had much luck with the Morning Pages, so decided to take more of a journaling approach.  Using questions that ask about joyful things, I let my writing bring out what might be bothering me under the surface. If I start to feel uncomfortable, I leanContinue reading “Light Journal Questions”

NaNoWriMo: 29. She Thinks It’s All Over

The past month has scooted by and to my surprise, I have hit my final word count and completed National Novel Writing Month a little early. It snuck up on me, if I’m honest. I’ve been updating the official websites count, but my main focus was on my own little graph, where I thought IContinue reading “NaNoWriMo: 29. She Thinks It’s All Over”