Black Lives Matter: What can White readers do?

I am hoping that, like me, you are currently in the process of finding some informative reading about the Black Lives Matter movement. Whether it is to find a copy of a book recommended to you or if you are finally getting round to reading that book you’ve always intended to read, now is aContinue reading “Black Lives Matter: What can White readers do?”

Birmingham the City of Festivals

Glastonbury proves the British public loves a festival. Whether it is the chance to break out of the ususal routine, the unique atmosphere, or just the over priced beer, there is something about a festival that we love. I mainly stick to my own lane with festivals – Literature festivals – but of course overContinue reading “Birmingham the City of Festivals”

Birmingham, Poets, and being Brave

It’s the classic story: I liked writing stories when I was little. English was my favourite class at school. I carried it through to University. Now I write whenever I can. That’s pretty much it. At University I discovered that I actually liked poetry (who knew) – reading and writing it. During my first (andContinue reading “Birmingham, Poets, and being Brave”