NaNoWriMo: 15. Half Way Through

As expected, this week was harder than the first. My energy was draining and I struggled to prioritise hitting my word count each day when it was no longer a shiny new task.

I also moved on to the second act of the novel and I find the middle part of a story can be the most challenging. It’s harder to keep focus and the plot purposeful in that awkward space between the opening and the ending thirds. I’ve ended up spending more time thinking about what needed to go into each chapter and on two occasions didn’t hit my daily target. However that time thinking (rather than writing) helped me hold the direction of the novel in the front of my mind as I caught up on my word counts.

After two days writing a little extra this weekend, I’m back ahead of my target which I’m pleased about, especially since I suspect that this week I may have a couple evenings taken up with Zoom calls and less time to get my words in. After some time dedicated to Christmas decorating and crafts (yes it’s early, but late for me!) I’m feeling refreshed and ready for a productive and fun week moving through my novel.

Wordcount: 29673

Published by Heddwen Bethan

I have a Masters in English literature and Creative Writing and work as an arts administrator in Birmingham. I spend my free time cooking, talking about nothing in particular, and writing.

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